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What does a leader do on the weekend?

You work very hard during the week and you definitely deserve a bit of break for the weekend. And yes, you do need to take a break and make sure you recharge your batteries. However, many of you know the story of the lumberjack busy cutting the tree with a blunt saw, and the person

How to Build a One Page Summary of Anything

We are communicating every day, whether you want it or not… When you type an email, you write a report, make a presentation, verbally or non verbally you are communicating! Today we will be focusing on how to make your written communication even better than now. You have to be considerate of 2 things: the

My Best Italian Business Coach

Business can be overwhelming… Every day new challenges… Hundreds of emails… People stopping you disturbing the flow what you have very well planned for… How on earth can you be productive in this environment…? Exhale deeply… Accept your defeat… Or Read Further and Start to Use What My Best Italian Business Coach has Taught Me…

Saving is important in today's challenging business world. All companies want to achieve cost savings but no limited forums are available to learn the how...

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