Suddenly … should you always be prepared?

You would think as a leader you have to have a plan for everything, you have to be in control. In some cases I would agree with you on that. You always have to have a plan A a plan B and for the really control freak of us a plan C.

However, what you have to realize, that your dreams and goals not always happen according to plans. Our life is not guided by GPS or Satnav, there is no such thing as the prefect most economical route. The universe will make its own impact on your life and the journey. The external forces will help or hinder you based on your emotions and how you feel about things.

If you focus on too much on what can go wrong, things will go wrong, however if you focus on the positives, you will get “help” suddenly.

So suddenly is the act that is coming from outside of your control, but to a large extent it mostly depends on you if the “suddenly” will help you or hinder you.

This is my Sunday meditation type post, please challenge me in comments if you agree or disagree.

Enjoy the Journey and Deliver Results!


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